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QuillWriter anticipates your next move and gets out of your way. You always know where you are inside your large, ever-evolving story. Less fussing, more writing.


All your story elements appear on-screen in the comfortable and familiar screenplay interface. Elements unique to game writing are seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-follow flow.


No difficult to navigate menus. No time-wasting switching between keyboard and mouse. See how your story is evolving at a glance. Just type.



Using QuillWriter

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Meet Narralogical


Narralogical Labs grew out of a research project to develop a system for the procedural generation of stories inside games. When we realized we (and the market) weren't quite ready for that, we pivoted to building the full turn-key solution for creating and managing vast game stories and story worlds.


At Narralogical, we want to make life easier for the Writer and the Narrative Designer. Our premier product, Quill, will evolve to becoming a complete solution for game storytelling: from initial concept to the details of managing voice-over recording sessions and displaying in-game dialogue trees, all the while allowing for seamless integration with major game engines like Unity and UE4.


QuillWriter is the preferred way for creating complex story worlds while giving the creator the tools for managing the complexity.


With its suite of authoring, auditing and reporting tools, QuillWriter can meet the demands of the most daunting game story writing projects.


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